Friday, 30 November 2007


Plade and Grill Bill making Abarth style exhaust for Bill´s ´54.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Time warp

I just spotted this looker on the way home from work.
The car is imported from the US, the only the thing it needs is some sunshine a blond girl with a tan, and we are ready for "swimsuit special" in Hot VWs 1986 :-)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Front Beam project

This weekend Flenne and I was working on my narrowed frontbeam, welding in new front end adjusters. Thanks for the work Allan - and for another great/fun/weird day at the workshop.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Nürburgring Nordschleife, the ultimate ride

Nürburgring Nordschleife is deffently the coolest race circuit in Europe, and it’s open to the general public.

Nordschleife Built: 1925 – 1927
Opened: 18/19 June 1927
Costs: approx. 15 Million Reichsmark,
employing up to 3000 unemployed over a period of two years
Length: 20.8 km
Upward slope: max. 17%
Downward slope: max. 11%
Highest point: 620 m at the starting and finishing line
Lowest point: 320 m at Breidscheid
Altitude difference: approx. 300 m
Number of bends: 33 left bends, 40 right bends

Me and my brother have been at Nürburgring alot of times, driving around the circuit in my brothers cars (Porsche 911SC, Golf and a high performance Mini). But there is no way you can learn that big race circuit well, by runing only 5 or 10 laps (100-200km!) over the weekend. So if you want a great driving experience, buy a ticket for a seat onboard one of the BMW M5 Ring Taxis with a professional race driver.

I once booked a seat in one of the BMW M5 Ring Taxis. We where tree guys in the car and a girl behind the wheel with alot of driving skills, I don’t remember her name but it was not the famous race driver Sabine Schmitz. The antispin was turned off and the M power button was activated to give an extra 100hp, going from 400hp to 500hp :-) She really knew the track and the car, She could easily make a high speed four wheel drift while chatting whit the passengers :-) It was very fun and well worth the money, I would deffently do it again some time. If you want to book a seat in the Ring Taxi, you should do it months before you meet up. It can be difficult to get a seat, especially weekends with big events.

My best driving experience ever was back in 2001 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. My brother and I went down to the “pit area” around the restaurant “Grüne Hölle” to look at cars (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini every sports car you could imagine). My brother is in to Porsches so we talked to some of the Porsche guys. That’s how we meet a very nice guy called Heinz who lived not far away from Nürburgring. Heinz spend alot of money and spare time racing his street car at the ring in the weekends. The car was a nearly stock Porsche 964 (911) RS leightweight, the only thing that was modifyed was the 3.6 liter engine that now gave around 300hp. Heinz said we could get a ride with him for a few euros if we wanted. We didn’t think twice and said yes. He had all the right safty harness and a helmet so it should be quite safe to ride with him. Heinz knew the circuit very well, he had done around 800-1000 laps at that time (16000-21000km!!)

The 964 RS leightweight is a very nice car. The body shell is stronger and lighter, with aluminium front lid, seam welding, lighter doors and 3mm versus 4.7mm side windows, lightweight rear bumper, underbody sealant deleted, an in built battery cut off switch, special ultra light Magnesium!! 17" Cup wheels, 40mm lower suspension and much uprated dampers and springs. Turbo front brakes brakes with re-tuned ABS.
Inside you got lovely lightweight carbon fibre 'Recaro' race seats, 4 point safety harness, no air con, no heated window, no electric windows or central locking..
Trim is sparse, very basic door cards, a little strap rather than a handle to pull the door shut, little soundproofing, the rear seats are removed -even the interior light is deleted in effort to save weight. The roll cage is optional from the factory.

I got in to the seat, and tightened the harness. Heinz said it was too loose so he pulled the straps even harder. I thought to my self how tight do they need to be? I almost felt claustofobic. But when we got out on the track, I could see it was necessary to be straped down that hard. I have never imagined how much G-force this car could pull, when going up hill, down hill, cornering and braking. Even when I was strapped down hard and holding on to the roll cage, I was moving around in the seat. Heinz didn’t spare the material, he realy drove the car hard. I was surprised how fast this car could take the corners. I got it on tape, so here is a video of the ride with Heinz. Too bad you can’t feel the speed and G-forces on the video. You can’t se the speedo very well on the You-Tube version, so I have writen som of the speeds in the right lower corner.

Klik here to see another video of a Girl taking a ride with Heinz.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Flennes Torque Monster

Flennes 2275 engine. The engine pulls 193 horsepower and 268nm at only 4050rpm.
It's very fun to drive :-)

Pics from the 90's

Year 1993. Flenne and his first bug, a bone stock 1300 from 1970.
We had alot of fun driving around in this car :-)
Sadly, the car didn't survive. The stock suspension didn't suport Flennes fast forward driving style :-(

Flennes second car, a real head turner. It was a 1969 roof chopped bug with suicide doors and a shaved dashboard, no intruments! The bug was powered by a stock 1500 engine.

Sadly, the car didn't survive. The next owner wrecked it after a few months.

Bug Stop Skagen, mid 90's. Very colorfull :-)

Flennes pressent car. One of his own creations. This car have been through a lot of modifications since the 90's

Year 1994, Gustav Tipsmark. Gustav still owns this car but it have changed appearance a couple of times.

Take a look at Gustavs blog by clicking here.

This is my first Bug, a 1965 bug. I used it as a daily driver for 14 months and drove nearly 40000km, it was very reliable. I still own it, but it's taken apart and stored for a future project.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Egg´s for sale

Do you have a old Samba bus standing in the corner and dont know what you should do with it? Here is the perfect solution! And you can even make some money for the rebuild. Maybe an idea for you for you Kurt?:-)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Honey I`m home.

I was just going through some old pictures when I found these.
They from 2005 I had been at the great Hessich Oldendorg Show, and afterwards I followed with a group of great Brits to Wolfburg to see the factory, They even let us get cars into the factory grounds, something that had never been done before.
I tell you the old lady was almost flying when she was at her hometown :-)

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Winter car

All the aircooled cars are put away for the winter, so now we have found the watercooled cars so we dont freeze!
I found this Porche Boxter Cayman cab sitting in my garage the other day, it is really a nice winter car :-)

Hmmm I might just be dreaming, it was in my garage, all though it was just one Jens had borrowed for a couple of weeks.

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

I will be back!

Yesterday Gustav from oildrippers called to say that his Ghia was finished at the panelbeaters workshop, I took some minutes of work to go see it, I really think that he has made a good job! Now we only have to wait to the spring so we can get cruising again.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Christmas party vol. 2

Ulrik mixing drinks.

Flenne playing his air-guitar...

Bukbjerg is getting inflated - don´t ask...

The most sober guy at the party.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Christmas Party

Only one aircooled showed up on this time of the year, but I didnt see the owner??

Yesterday night we held our yearly christmas party. It was as always alot of fun with strange things happening throughout the night, I have heards rumors that the party lasted over 12 hours before the last people almost crawled home :-)
Here is some pictures, I am sure more will come later.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Monday, 5 November 2007

Crowded house

Winter is near and again this year the club is packed with aircooled vw´s getting prepared for the next season.
Currently 12 cars have found their way to the hot and cosy (salt-free!!) workshop.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

New study group

We have started a new study group were are talking about the the really important things in life. The first meeting were at "Magic Mads" place, look at the picture of the table and you can just how serious we are.
Later that evening we were to Back in Black koncert, it is a ACDC copy band, Mads were drinking strawberry drinks and looking funny.
Thanks for a fun night guys.